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Sunday, 15 January 2012


Since the rules of the use of the whip in horse racing changed last year, it seems that each ban gets more and more ridiculous.

Personally, I believe that the whip in the sport was already used responsibly and reasonably.

Jockeys are now faced with further restrictions as to how many times they can use the whip.

From October 10th 2011, the number of times a jockey’s whip changed to eight in National Hunt races and nearly halved to seven times in flat races.
With recent bans including Lanzarote Hurdle winner, Will Kennedy and amateur riders including Robert Cooper, I believe the BHA should refer back to its previous rules on the whip as jockeys were doing just as well then.

How can you reduce the number of times you can hit the horse with the whip if it doesn't even hurt them in the first place?

Jockeys need to control the horses: they are large, heavy creatures who need to be given guidance in a race.
The whip is an essential element to why racing is such a greatly admired sport as around six million people attend just over 1,500 race meets in a year.

Will Kennedy said it right : "I'm not really one for hitting them but I missed the last and what do I tell the owners?

"I either hit her two more times and win by a nostril or I don't and I get beaten. Who can say I would have won without those two hits? It's disappointing."

He said: "You work your backside off and lose two-and-a-half grand. You sometimes wonder why you bother".

The BHA needs to reconsider the rules and I believe they should return to what they were previously.

Read my interview with Sussex trainer Diana Grissell on the use of the whip:

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