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Sunday, 15 April 2012


The Grand National has finished for another year and yet again the sport has created negative headlines around the country.

Two horses had to be put down after yesterday's event: Gold Cup champion Synchronised and According To Pete tragically fractured legs so it was decided that they had to be let go.

It is upsetting to see talented horses lose their lives because of such incidents, but what many people do not realise, especially those who think horse racing should be banned, is that destroying the animals after these accidents is the kindest thing to do.

When a horse races it has a lot of adrenaline pumping through it's body - as would any other athlete in different sports. 

So, before it can feel the pain of a fracture, for example, the kindest thing to do for it is to destroy it.

If a human were to fracture his/her leg, then it can easily be fixed: crutches and casts will be used for several weeks. But with a horse it is different. 

The creatures are huge and repairing a fracture is impossible. If this does happen, killing the horse is therefore seen as the best, and the right thing to do. You cannot let a horse suffer. 

Horse racing should not be banned - it is a much loved sport throughout the country and if it was to stop, then the horses will serve no purpose.

Race horses are born and bred for racing. It's their job. Those people who are ignorant enough to say that horse racing is a cruel sport should spend several weeks at a trainer's stable and watch how a horse is trained, prepared and looked after. They would then be able to see how much love and attention is put in by owners and trainers to make the sport as safe as possible for their horses.

Also, if the sport was to be banned, hundreds of people will lose their jobs. One thing that this country has always moaned about is the number of people who are unemployed. It would not help matters, in fact I believe it would make things worse. 

I hold strong opinions and even though I'm only expressing my view through words, I hope it reaches a wide audience. 

I hope non-horse racing fans will learn to appreciate the sport through this blog article and will learn that time and effort goes into the sport to ensure that horses are well treated and kept safe.

Unfortunately, like every sport, accidents happen. Horse racing has that low risk. People need to understand that. 

If the professionals understand the risk, then everyone else should. 

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