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Wednesday, 30 January 2013


The 2013 Grand National has attracted 84 entries, including popular horses Imperial Commander, On His Own, Tidal Bay, Sunnyhillboy and Chicago Grey.
Below is the list of entries (trainer's name in brackets).

Across The Bay (D McCain)

Albertas Run (J O'Neill)

Alfie Sherrin (J O'Neill)
Always Waining (P Bowen)
Any Currency (M Keighley)
Auroras Encore (S Smith)
Backstage (G Elliott)
Ballabriggs (D McCain)
Balthazar King (P Hobbs)
Becauseicouldntsee (N Glynn)
Beshabar (T Vaughan)
Big Fella Thanks (T George)
Bob Lingo (T Mullins)
Bostons Angel (Mrs J Harrington)
Calgary Bay (M Channon)
Call The Police (W Mullins)
Cappa Bleu (E Williams)
Chicago Grey (G Elliott)
Cloudy Lane (D McCain)
Colbert Station (T Walsh)
Cross Appeal (N Meade)
Fabalu (D McCain)
Forpadydeplasterer (T Cooper)
Frisco Depot (C Longsdon)
Gullible Gordon (P Bowen)
Harry The Viking (P Nicholls)
Imperial Commander (N Twiston-Davies)
Jessies Dream (G Elliott)
Join Together (P Nicholls)
Joncol (P Nolan)
Katenko (V Williams)
Lambro (W Mullins)
Lion Na Bearnai (T Gibney)
Little Josh (N Twiston-Davies)
Lost Glory (J O'Neill)
Magnanimity (D Hughes)
Major Malarkey (N Twiston-Davies)
Matuhi (D Pipe)
Midnight Chase (N Mulholland)
Mister Hyde (J O'Neill)
Mortimers Cross (J Needham)
Mr Moonshine (Mrs S Smith)
Mumbles Head (P Bowen)
Ninetieth Minute (T Taaffe)
Odysseas (Y Porzier)
On His Own (W Mullins)
Organisedconfusion (A Moore)
Oscar Time (M Lynch)
Outlaw Pete (J Halley)
Pandorama (N Meade)
Pearlysteps (H Daly)
Pentiffic (Miss V Williams)
Planet of Sound (P Hobbs)
Poker De Sivola (F Murphy)
Prince De Beauchene (W Mullins)
Problema Tic (D Pipe)
Quel Esprit (W Mullins)
Quinz (P Hobbs)
Quiscover Fontaine (W Mullins)
Quito De La Roque (C Murphy)
Rare Bob (D Hughes)
Roberto Goldback (N Henderson)
Roi Du Mee (G Elliott)
Romanesco (G Elliott)
 Saint Are (T Vaughan
Seabass (T Walsh)
Shakervilz (W Mullins)
Soll (J Hughes)
Summery Justice (V Williams)
Sunnyhillboy (J O'Neill)
Swing Bill (D Pipe)
Tarquinius (G Elliott)
Tartak (T Vaughan)
Tatenen (R Rowe)
Teaforthree (Miss R Curtis)
The Package (D Pipe)
The Rainbow Hunter (K Bailey
Tidal Bay (P Nicholls)
Tofino Bay (D Hughes)
Treacle (T Taaffe)
Viking Blond (N Twiston-Davies)
Weird Al (D McCain)
What A Friend (P Nicholls)
Wyck Hill (D Bridgwater)


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