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Sunday, 10 June 2012


Black Caviar is in good health after her marathon journey to England.

The mare travelled for 30 hours from her stable in Australia to the UK and has dropped nine kilos from her weight of 580kg.

She is to run in the Diamond Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot in just thirteen days and pundits have already turned to bookmakers for her latest odds.

It’s as if royalty has landed in the country: the mare has been unbeaten in 21 starts and the world of horseracing has been rocked by her red carpet arrival.

Who can argue that horseracing is a dying and cruel sport now? I have never seen a horse’s journey to this country fill newspapers and websites in an instant.

It delights me in watching the preparations for the horse: time, patience and hard work is visible and the trainer, owners, pundits and journalists are treating her with the respect that she deserves.

Trainer Peter Moody has said that he is a “bit nervous about it all” and I don’t blame him! A lot of money is being ridden on Black Caviar’s back but not only that, the effort towards maintaining the mare’s profile has been huge.

Black Caviar’s journey just proves how much of an athlete a horse can be in comparison with a human.

No other Australian horse has been a big star since the 1930’s Melbourne Cup winner Phar Lap.

But can Black Caviar win in just under two weeks' time and claim her 22nd victory? Yes, I think so. 


  1. *No other Australian horse has been AS big a star since the 1930s* I think would probably raise less Aussie hackles. Makybe Diva was another great racemare whom Australia worshipped. Good blogpost otherwise, I've been keeping close tabs on BC's progress since last year and you've informed me of a couple things not mentioned on other news, i.e. her weight. Nice readable style.

  2. Thank you Hannah! 'as big a star' works with me :) Please keep reading it, will try to get some more posts up tonight or tomorrow.

  3. Great work Abby hope you don't mind I have shared this on my Facebook page and I will link you on my blog page. One race I have been looking forward to all year to see how Black Caviar proforms on our soil. Good luck

  4. Hi there, thanks very much for posting on your Facebook page! I appreciate it. Enjoy Royal Ascot this week!